A Short Personal Heritage Tour

Before delivering the lovely Robin and me to our St. Louis hotel (where I'll be speaking later this week), my Uncle Walt and Aunt Shirley took us on a nostalgic tour of St. Louis (where I lived with my mom and dad in 1971 and 1972).

The Salvation Army's Harbor Light (called the Harbor House in 1971-1972) was my home for that period. We lived in a small apartment off the chapel.

The historic Fox Theater, just a few blocks from the Harbor House, was where I saw The Night of the Living Dead and Shaft.

The school I attended in eighth grade doesn't exist anymore (the area has been overtaken by St. Louis University), but we drove by Southwest High School (now a performing arts school, apparently), where I spent the first half of ninth grade. That is, the FIRST time I took ninth grade!

Our next stop was my grandparents' house on Alfred St., where I remember many visits and happy family times.

And just down the back alley (at left) from Grandma and Grandpa Foster's house, the corner building that in my childhood housed the all-important "confectionary" (as my cousins called it) still stands.

Along the way, Walt and Shirley pointed out many other sights--such as Tower Grove Park and Missouri Botanical Gardens--that have played a role in our family history. It was a wonderful coda to a blessed time with family.

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