The Quarter Bistro, Mariemont, OH

Last night, on our weekly date night, the lovely Robin and I journeyed after work to one of our favorite date spots, the village center in Mariemont, a tony Cincinnati suburb that boasts a unique movie theater (that shows some movies we can't see anywhere else in the area) and many excellent places to eat. One of those, as we discovered last night, is the Quarter Bistro, right next door to the Mariemont Theater.

This was our first experience at the Quarter Bistro, and it was a great one. We arrived a few minutes before our reservation time, and were greeted and seated immediately. The decor, in rich reds and blacks, is unique and warm.

The meal began with warm bread, served (for some good reason, I bet) in a bag rather than a basket. Robin and I both ordered the lobster bisque, which was delicious.

I opted for the "Ruby Red Idaho Trout," served with (I'm reading from the menu here) "Ameretto glaze, pancetta caramelized shallot, haricot vert. brown butter vinaigrette, heirloom saratoga chips, and marcona almond." Excellent.

Robin (predictably enough) selected the Sea Scallops, beautifully presented and supplemented with Asian pear compote, Yuzu pineapple glaze, sauteed edamame, and purple potato gaufrette. Exquisite.

Our service was timely and we were able to step into the theater via a connecting door, without having to step outside again. The entire meal took less than an hour (we eschewed dessert; though the offerings were appealing, we were content). Though the restaurant was nearly empty (except for the bar) when we entered at 6:10 or so, it was nearly full when we left around 7. It is easy to see why.

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