Cincinnati Museum Center

One of the most beautiful and fascinating landmarks in our area--and for many miles around--is the Cincinnati Museum Center, formerly Cincinnati's Union Terminal train station, which opened in 1933.

The lovely Robin and I visited this spot again today with our daughter, two of our grandchildren, our niece Nora, and her four boys!

We started our visit with lunch in the amazing half-domed rotunda, filled with visual delights from its Art Deco architecture and accoutrements to its giant murals.

After Isaac and Joel and I toured the natural history museum, we joined the others in the children's museum (that's Nora's middle two sons, Justyn and Joel, below).

Calleigh, Ryder, and Matthew spent most of their time in the preschool area.

I had hoped to sneak into the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, but guess what? It's Easter weekend and the exhibit was sold out today. Duh.

Still, it was a lot of fun for the kids. And the adults. And me, the lone adolescent.

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