The Colonial Cottage

The lovely Robin and I had the joy of hosting our friend (and my coauthor) Josh McDowell yesterday for lunch, after church and before he flew out from Cincinnati to his next speaking engagement. None of my first choices, near the church where he spoke that morning, served a noon meal so I had made reservations at the highly-rated (by Zagat) Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, Kentucky.

It is an eighty-year-old restaurant right on Dixie Highway, near the junction of I-75 and I-275, and it has been featured on the Travel Channel's "Taste of America." Despite the first floor fireplace, however (we were seated upstairs where a buffet was available), I was disappointed in the ambiance. I mean, Josh has consulted with presidents and dined with kings, ya know? I was hoping for something a little nicer than vinyl padded chairs.

The food, however, was excellent, and I got to introduce Josh to Goetta, a Cincinnati specialty. And the cottage's signature cream pies were not disappointing. And our bellies were full--a little too full--when we left. I just doubt that Robin will let me choose the restaurant the next time Josh is in town. Scratch that--I know she won't.

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