Joseph Beth Booksellers

Not far from the Cincinnati neighborhood where I grew up--and even closer to the church where my son works (and where I'll sometimes meet him for coffee, to make sure he's still talking to me)--is a fine bookstore, Joseph Beth Booksellers, in Rookwood Pavilion at 2692 Madison Avenue.

It's a gratifyingly large and busy store, with more than books (like most bookstores, they also sell knick knacks, bric-a-brac, and other stuff that rhymes with "rack"). But, the important stuff is all there: books, more books, and coffee.

The second level was set up (front and center at the top of the staircase) for a book discussion group to meet that afternoon. I found a comfy chair and spent a little while reading and breathing in the literary air. I also appreciated the attention to detail (above), with railing decorations and door handles in book form, too. 

Joseph Beth has been a Cincinnati tradition for twenty-five years now, so it was high time I made my way down there. They also have stores now in Cleveland, Lexington, and Crestview Hills, Kentucky. 

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