Hail, Camp Swoneky

The lovely Robin and I had the joy of worshiping with many friends at Camp Swoneky yesterday morning as the Swoneky Division of The Salvation Army gathered for Family Camp. 
It is always a blessing, and yesterday was no exception. From the opening worship dance celebration ("Shackles") to our friend Dave Kelly's excellent preaching and the final congregational song (The Founder's Song, "O Boundless Salvation"), we soaked up every minute, and even managed to identify the participants and band members, despite some of them looking shockingly like their parents or grandparents. 
We gathered afterward for a photo with our "session mates," those of us in the group who were commissioned and ordained together as "Proclaimers of Salvation" in 1980 (I know, I know, I don't look that old): from left to right, Gayle (Krider) Senak, Bill Riley, me, the lovely Robin, Janet (Berkhoudt) Ashcraft, Larry Ashcraft, Dave Kelly. In fact, Gayle, Bill, Robin, Dave, and I were sent off to training from that very spot a short thirty-nine years ago! (Larry and Janet had the poor judgment to enter training from other divisions). The morning worship was followed by a delicious lunch and rich fellowship, after which Robin and I reenacted our first kiss on the spot where it happened, and then headed off with full hearts.  

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