Great American Ball Park 2017, Cincinnati OH

I love my Cincinnati Reds. I love the beautiful game. I love Great American Ball Park. I love my family. And I got to enjoy all of the above last evening as part of my Father's Day 2017 gift.
It was a special night. My three local (for now) grandkids were angelic (even if two-year-old Avery ate much of my Lemon Freeze, and even though the guy next to me--a Cubs Fan--was obnoxious...but I repeat myself). It was a beautiful, temperate evening, it didn't rain as was forecasted, the Reds won 5-0, pitchers Feldman, Lorenzen, and Peralta combined for a three-hitter, Duvall homered, and the home team even executed my favorite play in baseball: the squeeze bunt.
Oh, and of course, we stayed to enjoy a fantasmexplodic fireworks display after the game. Thank you, family, and Reds, and Great American Ball Park!

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