Prayer Retreat 2017

The monks of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky (south of Bardstown) once again opened their arms to me (and my friend Bill) for my annual prayer retreat this past weekend.
What a blessing it is to enter this special place of silence and sweet communion with God. It is always a balm to my soul. Though my room was in the south wing (or "monastery wing"), which is not air-conditioned, and the weekend temperatures exceeded ninety degrees, a pair of fans (one of which I brought with me) prevented any heat stroke. I spent most of my waking time in the air-conditioned guest house and chapel anyway.
I read and rested. I wrote a little and prayed a lot. I didn't take the long walks I usually enjoy in the gardens or woods but still had a blessed time. As did the hummingbirds who provided some moments of fascination and wonder.

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