UNITE 2017, Cincinnati OH

For several days this past week, I was honored and excited to participate in various events related to UNITE 2017, the international convention of CBA (the Association for Christian Retailing) at Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati. This annual event is where the Christian products industry gathers to address relevant topics, share knowledge, and generate business opportunities to provide resources for Christian-type people around the world.
My first stop was actually across the river in Kentucky, where the ICVM (International Christian Visual Media) conference was being held. I was thrilled to hand-deliver my book, The Bard and the Bible, to veteran TV and movie casting director Mark Fincannon (Macgyver, Nashville, The Blindside, and more). Mark is also president of Luminarium Pictures.
I also joined fellow Cincinnati-based authors Diane Stortz and Ginny McCabe (above) as well as Michelle Lazurek (below) at a combination panel discussion and book signing.

The exhibit hall this year was not difficult to navigate at all. Though I heard a number of people were disappointed because they didn't run into celebrities like me as often as they would have liked.
But I found a few celebrities, such as Cynthia Ruchti (above) and Audra Jennings (below). They were (predictably enough) honored and excited to see me.
I saw a few other dear friends and met with some fine agents, editors, and authors. But really, most of the time I just tried to make myself accessible to the public. That's why I'm here.

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