The Houston Inn, Mason, OH

One of my in-laws's favorite places to eat is the venerable (since 1953) Houston Inn on Rt. 42 in Mason, Ohio. So that's where the lovely Robin and I took them for a pre-Christmas dinner with our kids, grandkids, and Robin's next-oldest sister, Jane.
Our hosts gave us our own private section of the restaurant (probably because they expected us to be annoying) and our server, Jennifer, gave us exceptional service.
I availed myself of the first-rate homemade clam chowder and salad bar, and Robin had the also-first-rate meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
But the real hit of the day was the "smiley fries" two of the grandkids received with their meals.
It was a lovely time with some of the family (so much so that Avery, the youngest, apparently awarded it a half-jazzhands salute).

The Houston Inn is located at 4026 S. US Route 42 right between Lebanon and Mason, Ohio.

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