The Best Things I Ate in 2016

Scampi, with mixed vegetables and potatoes, at Casa Nostra (Ben Lomond, CA)...made even more enjooyable because the lovely Robin and I got to enjoy them with our son and his children, in the shade of towering redwood trees!
Ribs and 'tater salad from the Moelicious food truck at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival Bard-a-Thon (Louisville, KY).
Ribs, "street corn," and sweet potatoes, with a choice of ten sauces at Sugarfire Smokehouse (downtown St. Louis, MO).
The excellent-if-overpriced "standard egg sandwich," and the "Shooting Star," an orange, organic carrot, lemon, and ginger concoction, at the Northstar Cafe (Liberty Center, OH).
Bumblebee Stew at J. Gumbo's (Louisville, KY).
Fried chicken (thank God for chicken; didn't have to do it, but He did!) and more, at Berlin Farmstead (Berlin, OH).
Open-faced roast beef sandwich and mashed-potatoes-and-homemade-noodles at the iconic Boyd and Wurthmann's (Berlin, OH).

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