The Best Places I Went in 2016

The Billy Graham Center at The Cove, in Asheville, NC (for the Asheville Christian Writers Conference).
Church on Easter Sunday at our church (Cincy Vineyard) with the family.
My granddaughter Calleigh's dance recital at Hall Auditorium in Oxford, Ohio.
The First Folio exhibit at Cleveland Public Library.
Many of my grandson Ryder's t-ball practices and games in West Chester, Ohio.
Saturday evening worship at Mosaic Church in Hollywood, California.
Disneyland with my our west coast kids and grandkids.
Half-Moon Bay with the lovely Robin, my son Aaron, and grandkids Miles and Mia.
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in, well, Menlo Park, California. Free donuts. Need I say more?
My annual prayer retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist (where else?), Kentucky.
Kentucky Shakespeare Festival's Bard-a-Thon in Central Park in Louisville, Kentucky.
And trick-or-treating with grandkids Ryder, Avery, and Calleigh. What a rich life I lead.

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