The Salvation Army, Lexington, KY

The lovely Robin and I had such a wonderful time of study and worship at The Salvation Army in Lexington, Kentucky. We enjoyed a fine Sunday school class taught by a former babysitter of mine (I was a baby once, you know), and a rich time of worship, during which they actually let me preach! I know, crazy!
The reading of Scripture during the sermon, from Revelation 8-9, was ably punctuated by the skills of Jeff Barrington on the shofar (above). Thanks, Jeff!
And part of the joy of it all was reuniting with many long-time friends (see, that's better than calling them "old" friends, because they're already pretty jealous of how young I look, so I don't want to pile on). Only a few of them were willing to take photos with us (and some of them took photos on THEIR phones, not OURS!).

The Salvation Army, located at 736 W. Main Street in downtown Lexington, is a warm, welcoming, working community led by Majors Tom and Susan Hinzman, and we were so grateful for their kindness and hospitality.

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  1. Looking good Bob!! I hope all is well and that you are using those Healthy Living Strategies I taught you! :-)