Roney's Restaurant, Milford, OH

I may or may not have been inordinately excited to visit Roney's Restaurant for lunch yesterday with the lovely Robin. You see, back in the day, when I was squeezing four years of high school into five, I kinda fell in love with a hamburger-and-ham sandwich offered by Roy Rogers' restaurants. But alas and alack, the last Roy Rogers in Ohio, located on Roney Lane in Mt. Carmel (east of Cincinnati) changed its name to Roney's in 2014, and reopened at 314 Chamber Drive in Milford in 2015. However, Roney's still offers many (all?) of the same menu items and a passel of Roy Rogers memorabilia.
I had the Lucky R Burger and Robin had a regular ol' cheeseburger. And we spent part of the time talking about Roy Rogers (who was born in Cincinnati) and Dale Evans, until we finished and ventured out on very Happy Trails (see what I did there?).

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