The Bard and the Bible Launch #2 at The Arts Center at Dunham

Yesterday afternoon the lovely Robin accompanied me to yet another Shakespeare in the Park perfomance--and Part 2 of the official book launch for The Bard and the Bible at The Arts Center at Dunham, in Westwood on the west side of Cincinnati. 

What hospitality they showed us! Thanks so much to all the volunteer staff at the Arts Center at Dunham, who made us feel so welcome and treated us like...well, gentles.
The free performance of Romeo and Juliet (maybe you've heard of it) was delightfully well acted, with charm and vigor, by young members of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. 
While we approached the event with trepidation, since our hosts lost the central air conditioning a few weeks ago, the temperatures inside were comfortable, and more so as the afternoon progressed. The players had to be dehydrated by the afternoon's end, but we managed quite well (the Bard even fared well in his velvet attire). 
So many people stopped by our table in the lobby and learned more about The Bard and the Bible, and many folks even went home with a copy. Thanks to all who came and especially to Carrie and the staff at The Arts Center at Dunham. We'll definitely be back! 

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