St. Louis Art Museum

The lovely Robin and I spent much of yesterday afternoon at the St. Louis Art Museum, in beautiful Forest Park (above), with our brother and sister, Don and Arvilla, with whom we are sharing a week of vacation (along with other brother Larry and his wife, Dovie, who had better things to do).
Though I was disappointed that Level 3 (which includes American and Native American art exhibits) was closed, it was nonetheless a great time. Admission to the museum is free (which fits my budget nicely), and the extensive exhibits of European, Asian, African, Pacific, and other art was absorbing and rewarding.
Among the many striking pieces was the above image of St. Paul by El Greco, which hangs beside a Titian. Amazing.
Don and I literally got lost among the displays...especially while trying to locate the gift shop and café where our wives were late in our visit. But we finally found our way out, sans bread crumbs.
The beautiful St. Louis Art Museum is located at 1 Fine Arts Drive, Saint Louis, MO 63110.

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