Hilton Garden Inn, Erie, PA

Last Friday the lovely Robin and I took to the road with our daughter, Aubrey, and her three children, Calleigh, Ryder, and Avery. We were on our way to a retirement celebration, family reunion, and memorial service to take place in the Finger Lakes region of New York (more on that in the next few days). 
Since half of our party put in a workday on Friday (the other half were total slouches), we had to make the trip up in two parts. So we stayed on Friday night at the Hilton Garden Inn in Erie, Pennsylvania
It is a classy joint, as I like to say. The lobby was impressive and expansive, the service was quick and efficient, and our room was all that we had hoped. My only reservation--get it?--about our stay is that, like so many high-falutin'  hotels of the upper-class variety, there was no complimentary breakfast offered. It woulda cost us $10.95 a head for the eats in the hotel restaurant, so we passed. Turned out okay, as we had to hurry to make it to our destination, grabbing only the free coffee offered in the lobby (don't worry, nobody went hungry). But it would've been nice to grab a few dozen bagels or oranges on the way out, ya know? 

The Hilton Garden Inn in Erie is located at 2225 Downs Drive, just off I-90. And right next door to Cracker Barrel, which is a win/win.  

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