Book Buyers Monterey

I take it as a sign of God's approval that our first stop Saturday (and an unplanned stop at that) on our day trip to Cannery Row in Monterey, California, was Book Buyers, a used and new bookstore.

I love stores like this, with books in every nook and cranny, forming a warren of words for young and old.

As you might expect, the store had a shelf devoted to the Nobel-winning local hero, John Steinbeck, whose novel Cannery Row was set in this location. Astoundingly, however, that volume was not to be found in the store! I would have bought it if I could have located a copy.

Still, I loved our visit and recommend Book Buyers Monterey to anyone visiting Cannery Row. It's a pleasure and a prize, located at 600 Lighthouse Street in Monterey. Their website is

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