1 Infinite Loop

My recent visit to California with the lovely Robin included a couple stops at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, the Mother Ship of our family's Mac addiction. Mixed metaphors, I know, but you get the idea. Oh yeah, and my son's workplace.
We browsed "The Company Store," the Apple store on site.
We also shared a delicious lunch in Mac's Cafe with Aaron, Nina, Miles, and Mia (I'd tell you all about it but then I'd have to kill you. Seriously, Aaron couldn't show us his office because it's in a super-secret section; we couldn't even take pictures once we entered the building).
And we sorta saw the site where Apple is building its new spaceship-like HQ (of which we also saw a model in the lobby at 1 Infinite Loop). I'm pretty sure it was cool but can't really say since our memories were erased upon leaving.

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