Winton Woods

The lovely Robin, Aubrey, Kevin, Lynn (Kevin's mom), Calleigh, Ryder, and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon yesterday (after church) at Winton Woods, one of the "Great Parks" of the Hamilton County Parks system. When our children were small, we lived just a few miles from this park, and would often picnic or boat or feed the ducks here, where there is a fine lake for boating or fishing, a snack bar, playgrounds, golf course, horseback riding, petting farm, and more. 
After a fantastic picnic in the shade, the children changed into swimsuits (and ample sunscreen) so they could play in the "Parky's Ark" area, a large water park (directly across from a similarly large but dry playground). 
The fun never stopped. It's amazing what the simple equation of water+kid produces. Calleigh and Ryder loved every minute, and they played cooperatively with many other kids as the play area became more and more crowded as the afternoon progressed. 
As they played, I even got a Father's Day FaceTime call from my California grandchildren, Miles and Mia, who (with their father's help) gave me a video tour of their new home, including the orange and lemon trees in their backyard. It capped off a wonderful Father's Day for me.

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