Dough Boys Pizzeria

The lovely Robin and I, with Aubrey, Kevin, Calleigh, and Ryder, arrived in Myrtle Beach this evening around 7:30, quickly toured our luxurious vacation digs, and unloaded the cars, after which I set out to find a couple pizzas.
It took a couple tries (stopped at two places indicated on my iPhone map that are shuttered), but I located Dough Boys New York Style Pizzeria just a couple miles away at 2696 Beaver Run Blvd in Myrtle Beach.
I was greeted immediately and my order was taken with great friendliness. Dough Boys offers 20" pies, but I opted for two 16" (a pepperoni and a sausage), and we were pleased with both. The pizzas were still more than we could eat, delicious, and worth serving up again...soon.

I recommend it, for everyone in the Myrtle Beach area--for dine-in or delivery.

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