The Farmstead

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from our lodgings last weekend in Berlin, Ohio, was the Berlin Farmstead Restaurant, where we had our first meal upon arriving and checking in to our digs for our short stay. The Farmstead is a relatively new addition to Berlin, having been built in 2003 on John and Rita Yoder's family farm.
According to the restaurant's website, Amanda Yoder is responsible for the cooking at the Farmstead. She learned the art of homestyle cooking in her Amish home, and uses time-honored recipes for dishes such as Amish noodles (which Robin enjoyed) and broasted chicken (which I devoured).
The most casual glance around the dining room shows a friendly mix of Amish and "English," and the service, taste, and atmosphere lends itself to a memorable experience.
I availed myself of the salad bar (yes, I eat salads, now, don't look so shocked!), and had the chicken and a baked sweet potato. The lovely Robin and I both exercised extreme discipline in not ordering dessert; of course, our tummies were quite full by the end of the meal, which made the decision a tad easier. 

The Farmstead restaurant is located just off busy State Highway 62 at 4757 Township Rd 366 in Berlin.

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