Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen

My recent trip to Holmes County, Ohio, with the lovely Robin wasn't ALL about eating. Okay, yes. Yes, it was. As proven by our Saturday evening journey to Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen in Mt. Hope, Ohio. 

“Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen” isn't just a name. It is actually Gloria Yoder's restaurant. She grew up in Mt. Hope, but she didn't grow up Amish. She was an “English” child in the area, but her restaurant features good Amish-style home cooking, nonetheless.

Robin opted for the buffet so she could have all of her favorites--noodles over mashed potatoes, tender pot roast, sugar beets, mmm mmm mmm.
I took a more responsible tack, and ordered from the menu, though I ordered the bread-and-salad bar as one of my sides. That yellow egg, below, is something called a "mustard egg." Good. 
And the grilled ham steak and green beans (below) didn't disappoint, either. 
Oh, and I did indulge in dessert. While Robin had coconut creme pie, I had their "Turtle Sundae Pie" (below). Ohhh yeahhh.
Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen is located in the small village of Mt. Hope, across from the Mt. Hope Livestock Auction.

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