Amish Country

The lovely Robin and I spent last weekend in beautiful Holmes County, Ohio. I had a book signing in Berlin on Saturday, so we drove up Friday for the weekend. My pictures won't do the place justice, but let me just say, if you've never experienced the epicenter of Amish life and culture that is Holmes County, Ohio, you really need to. 

Berlin's "downtown" is a thriving and quaint conglomeration of shops, restaurants, lodging, and other businesses frequented by tourists and locals alike. The oldest building in Berlin (above) dates to 1817...but much of the scenery and ambiance of the place dates back much earlier than that. 
Much of the joy and beauty in a visit to Holmes County, though, is OUT of town, as you drive the countryside and see the "neat-as-a-pin" Amish farms, the buggies, the bicycles, and the children playing in yards. 

I will share much more of our visit over the next few days on this blog, as of course there is too much to include in one post. 

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