Tragedy in Eden Park

The lovely Robin and I carried our Panera salads to Seasongood Pavilion in Cincinnati's Eden Park for a Shakespeare in the Park production of Romeo and Juliet. A good crowd assembled to see the Bard's most famous play.
The cast of six actors did a marvelous job, as always. Robin and I tried to recall how long we've been enjoying the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's offerings, and couldn't be sure. More than a dozen years, we're pretty sure. And we've taken in the free Summer offerings in the park for three or four years, we think.
This production is the first time the actors were mic'd, at least as well as we recall, and that seemed to add nicely to the crowd's enjoyment. 
This balcony scene was ably played by the leads, Charlie Cromer and Maggie Lou Rader.
 The children in the crowd seemed to be engaged throughout (but then, I was, too, so maybe I just wasn't distracted by them).
The shows continue all month in locations throughout the Cincinnati area, alternating venues and productions of Romeo and Juliet with A Midsummer Night's Dream. We hope to catch the latter at the Vinoklet Winery in Colerain Township in a couple weeks. Even if you're not a Shakespeare fan, I highly recommend these free showings; they're accessible, very ably produced, directed, staged, and acted, and make a great date night or even family night. 

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