The Makoto Fujimura Exhibit

 Upon arrival on the campus of Cairn University this week, I was surprised--and inexpressibly delighted--to find on display in the Connie Eastburn Gallery of the Biblical Learning Center (where my classes and conferences are taking place) an exhibit by internationally-renowned artist Makoto Fujimura.
Above is the full-size canvas of the frontispiece, "Consider the Lilies," which appears opposite the first page of Matthew's Gospel in the book. It is one of three (see also below) canvases on the walls of the exhibit.
"Prodigal God," above, appears opposite the opening of Luke's Gospel.
And "In the Beginning," above, is reproduced in the book facing the first words of John's Gospel: "In the beginning was the Word." 

I'm thrilled to have gotten to see these full-size paintings and the illuminated book in which they are reproduced. As beautiful as they appear in these photos, it is impossible to fully capture the breathtaking beauty of the real thing. Stunning. 

Thank you, Connie Eastburn Gallery and Cairn University, for the joy of seeing these works--a wholly unexpected blessing in my travels. 

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