2013 Great Strides Walk in Hamilton

Despite a recurring drizzle, today's Great Strides Walk at Joyce Park in Hamilton, to fund research to cure cystic fibrosis, was a great success (the above picture is of most of our team--a few showed up just a little after the photo was taken!). 

The valiant walkers--the largest crowd yet in the event's third year--were undeterred by the rain, and many walked the full distance. Including, of course, yours truly (I think I was pretty much the undeterredest). 

Best of all, while the final figures for the event are still being tallied (and are expected to exceed previous years by a large margin, I'm told), Calleigh (above) and Ryder's team was blessed to account for more than $6,000 to help fund a cure (both the location totals and our team total will be added as an update to this post once those figures are known)!

Thank you to all who participated, whether by walking, donating, and spreading the word! Calleigh and Ryder are blessed to have friends and family like you!

UPDATE 5/7/13: The initial post-walk report from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has the walk attendance at around 120, and the Grand Total amount raised at $28,750 (not counting, of course, funds that may be donated in the days after the walk). Of that total, Calleigh and Ryder's team gave $6,390! Both totals top last year's efforts (our team effort by $170--so far--and the Grand Total by more than $3,000).

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