Arthur's in Hyde Park

Last weekend the lovely Robin and I had the opportunity to experience Arthur's Cafe, just off Hyde Park Square (in Cincinnati, Ohio), on Edwards Road.

We were able to park just a few feet from the door, and the place was hopping when we arrived just before 6 p.m. on a Saturday evening. We were seated immediately in a booth at the back. According to the restaurant's website, a restaurant has occupied the Arthur's spot since at least 1947, when it was called the Allen E. Bradford Restaurant. It became Apke’s Grill in 1948, then Art’s in 1956. It became Arthur's sometime in the 1970s. Today it is owned by three locals who started working at Arthur's in the 90s as bussers and servers while in college--Susan Selzer, Joe Santorelli, and B.J. Hughes. The restaurant's interior is adorned by a huge mural of former bar regulars painted by cartoonist Jerry Dowling (visible at left in the middle photo, above).

The lovely Robin ordered the Boursin Cheese Burger (above). I had the Swiss and Mushroom Burger, and our friend Ted had the Gourmet Burger. All of the above were served with fries, and we all agreed they were delicious (although mine was more medium well than medium, as I ordered). It was a pleasant place to eat, obviously popular, and the service was just right.

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