Mariemont Starbucks

I've never really blogged about Starbucks here on the Hither & Yon blog, though I've been to many and am a fairly regular patron of the Starbucks in Oxford, Ohio (I have posted about "Starbucks's Cheeriest Barrista" and a curious sight "Seen at Starbucks"). It's kinda like, seen one Starbucks, seen 'em all, right?

But not so much in Mariemont, where the lovely Robin and I enjoyed a wonderful date night yesterday. The Mariemont Starbucks, right on Wooster Road in the center of Mariemont (a block from the Mariemont Theater), is an exception.

It is spacious and inviting, and the service was friendly and speedy. If you're ever in the neighborhood, give it a try. Oh, and the parking--on a Friday evening, no less--was ample, in front or in the back.

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