Awaited: A Christmas Show

The lovely Robin and I have been anxiously waiting for weeks the blessing of enjoying with each other, our kids, grandkids, our kids' in-laws, and even our grandkids' great-grandparents (and Aunt Jane!) the inaugural performance of Awaited: A Christmas Show, the annual extravaganza at Crossroads Community Church in Oakley.

The atrium at Crossroads was transformed into a Christmas village, with a Candy Shoppe (above) and Cocoa Cafe (below).

There was the usual offering of coffee at several stations around the room, but also hot chocolate (with whipped cream), kettle corn, and more.

The children's area featured a gingerbread house (which our son--who has worked full-time at Crossroads since early October helped construct) and activities for children.

There was a beautifully appointed photo area where guests could take a festive Christmas photo.

We spent most of our time before the auditorium doors opened making sure we connected with our party of seventeen, and headed in to our ground floor seats as soon as we could.

The show was wonderful. I didn't take photos during the show itself, of course, but just trust me: it was excellent. The sound was intense, the music engrossing, the costuming impressive, the choreography outstanding, and the pacing excellent. I loved both the original songs and the updated musical settings for the traditional lyrics, as well as the use of video and various staging techniques. It was worth ten or twenty times what we paid--more, in fact, since the tickets were free.

Go here to order tickets for the show.

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