Collierville First Assembly

I worshiped God this morning at Collierville (TN) First Assembly of God with my friends Reg and Eleonore.

As I entered, a crowd was making their way into the auditorium (nee gymnasium). I was welcomed repeatedly as I entered, and three times after I was seated.

Worship was capably led by a young man with a New Zealand accent and four other mic'd vocalists (though for the life of me, I couldn't tell if their mic'd were on; I heard no voice but his).

They were supported by three or four unmic'd singers along one wall, a grand piano, drums, bass, and trombone (though I never heard the bass and only occasionally heard confirmation that the others were playing). But it was a fine worship experience, as we sang all praise songs, ending with Revelation Song.

The pastor, Jason Murphy, got up to preach at 11:15 (the service started at 10:30) and did so enthusiastically and effectively. Unfortunately, I had to leave at 11:50 for the airport, just as the pastor was getting to some exposition, which I was sorry to miss.

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