When Did I Forget That a Walk Can Be an Adventure?

I had the blessing of taking my grandkids for a walk around the neighborhood this morning, and BOY, did we have fun. We saw trucks and cars and SUVs and boats (even a "noisy" garbage truck), were fascinated by birds on a wire (who actually FLEW AWAY as we got close!), and were barked at by a dog behind a screen door, and wished we could go pet the dog (but didn't), and wondered who lived in what house, and listened to birds sing and lawnmowers roar.

And that was just the first half-block! Then Miles walked on the grass...such a big boy:

We watched a man unload a pickup bed full of dirt into his front garden (it's great when you're young and the ground is so close and you don't need a chair, you can just squat anywhere and be pretty doggone comfortable all the livelong day):

And then--OH, JOY OF JOYS!--we found a stump that was PERFECT for sitting on, and Mia, who had stayed awake the WHOLE time, looked on and slobbered and cooed (two of the things she does best so far) while Miles sat and thought deep thoughts:

After awhile, at Miles's invitation, I sat with him, and we talked--oh, how we talked!--and Miles tickled his Crappaw, and Crappaw tickled Miles, and then Miles decided (and Crappaw concurred) that it was time to go back to "Mimi's house." So we did.

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