Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Grand Canyon

The lovely Robin and I visited Phoenix and the Sedona in 2004. I spoke at a Christian Writers' Conference in Phoenix, after which we visited with my uncle George and aunt Dorothy in Sun City before heading to Sedona, where we were hosted by our lovely friends Bob and Mona from Sedona, Arizona...I just like saying that. Bob and Mona showed us such a great time, and chauffered us around the area, where the following photos were taken:

Thereafter it was on to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and a night in the awesome El Tovar Lodge (tiny room, but everything else was wonderful).

It was such a blessing to take the lovely Robin to see the Grand Canyon, which she had never before seen:

It was a cold and windy day on the south rim--Robin wore a winter coat with hood and mittens!--but we enjoyed an amazing hike along the path, and a fine meal at the El Tovar.

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