The Mall of America, Bloomington MN

I flew Friday into the Minneapolis (MN) airport for a couple speaking engagements, and my hosts picked me up and took me straight to the Mall of America in Bloomington. Though I have been to the Minneapolis area numerous times, I had never been to this glittering monument to American commerce.
Wow. It is all things "American," for sure. Big. Bold. Loud. Fun. Its centerpiece is an actual amusement park, with a roller coaster (with spinning cars) and everything.
I resisted entering the Lego store, but man oh man, my grandkids (and son and son-in-law) would never have made it out.
I did not similarly resist the Peeps store, which also featured Mike & Ike and Hot Tamale candies, as well as plush toys, Peeps clothing, and more. Who knew?
My gracious hosts even shared a package of chocolate-dipped chocolate peeps with me. It was so cute I almost hated to eat it. No, not really.
We also stopped at a Caribou Coffee, an upscale tea store, a hat store (above), and "Typo," a stationery store.
If I recall correctly, our final stop before dinner was (surprise, surprise) the spacious Barnes and Noble store in the mall. It was woefully neglectful of my books, though otherwise a pleasure.

It was easy to see why Mall of America is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, with much to do and see and endless enticements to spend money--all of which I resisted. Because I am that disciplined and/or cheap.

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