Big Bowl, Minnetonka MN

After a very successful Minnesota Christian Writers Spring Seminar in Minnetonka, MN, Saturday, the movers and shakers of the seminar and I enjoyed delightful fellowship and delicious food at the Big Bowl Chinese and Thai restaurant in Minnetonka.
The place was hopping even at 5:15 on a Saturday. We had reservations and still waited a few minutes for our party of seven to be seated. As I often do in a new restaurant, I conducted a quick reconnaissance tour, and everything looked enticing.
Though I usually order water (no lemon), I was intrigued by the offer of ginger-ale-and-pomegranate-juice, which I tried. It was okay but nothing I have to make a habit. I finally settled on a stir fry of "chef's choice" vegetables, shrimp, pad Thai noodles, and sweet and sour sauce, and it was fantastic.

Big Bowl restaurants are located in Chicago IL, Schaumburg IL, Lincolnshire IL, Reston VA, and Minnetonka, Edina, and Roseville MN.

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