Sabbath Walk, February 19, 2017

All the time I've lived in the Cincinnati area, I continue to be amazed and chagrined that there are so many wonders and treasures I have yet to discover and enjoy! One of those is Glenwood Gardens, the 335-acre preserve of gardens, prairies, forests, and wetlands in Woodlawn.
After a stop in the Cotswold Visitor Center and (of course) gift shop (at top), the lovely Robin accompanied me on a sixty-degree Sunday afternoon walk along the Garden Path (literally; that's what it's called).
Even in February, the paved path, just over a mile long, was a beautiful stroll, affording us the opportunity to chat, enjoy the warm day and vivid blue sky, and even make out (a little).
The West Fork of the Mill Creek winds through the area (as a kid, I spent many hours playing in and around the East Fork of the Mill Creek).
We were both enchanted by the discovery of this beautiful park, and plan to return after the gardens bloom.

Glenwood Gardens is located at 10397 Springfield Pike, in Woodlawn, a suburb of Cincinnati.

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