Glendale (OH) Water Tower (sort of)

On a recent foray to Glendale, a Cincinnati suburb, I took a picture of the circular stone "tower" at Arbor Place, directly across Sharon Road from Town Hall and in front of Christ Church Glendale (see here).
The plaque on the tower refers only to the landscaping in the surrounding park (a 1955 memorial to Ralph Frederic Rogan (1875-1955) and Bessie Ewing Rogan (1877-1953)). So I looked it up. Online. Because you can trust everything you read online.

Turns out, the stone tower is only the base of Glendale's original water tower, which failed in 1928 and was replaced with a new tower later that year. The base has never been removed. From the doors, I'm guessing it is used to store landscaping equipment.

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