Mitchell's Ice Cream, Cleveland OH

A Cincinnati native like myself can be a tad snooty and stubborn about ice cream shops (or shoppes, if you prefer), given my hometown's ice creameries of Graeter's, Aglamesis Brothers, and--yes, I said it, UDF. And rightly so. But last Friday the lovely Robin and I thoroughly our visit to Cleveland's Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream (in operation since 1999).
Our friends John and Kristine treated us to Mitchell's after a wonderful dinner (see here) in the area.
I could not risk a pause in eating my caramel fudge brownie ice cream cone to take a photo, so I snapped a shot of John's (I think) sundae instead.

Suffice it to say: we like Mitchell's and we have the extra pounds now to prove it. Well, I do.

Mitchell's has eight locations in the Cleveland area. I think we were at the 1867 West 25th Street location in Cleveland, but truth be told, John got me so turned around I can't be sure about it--and me, at my age. Shame on him.

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