Heck's Cafe, Cleveland OH

Last Friday evening, the lovely Robin and I had the joy of reuniting with a couple old friends (though much younger than us; weird how that works) and supping together at Heck's Cafe, housed in a 120-year-old red brick townhouse in the heart of Ohio City, just across the river from downtown Cleveland. Or so they say (The Cleveland Plain Dealer calls Heck's CafĂ© "A Cleveland Classic," so there you go).
Heck's is apparently the place to be; we had no trouble getting a table, but it is obviously a popular and beloved eatery.
Since they bill themselves as "the undisputed crowned royal of gourmet burgerdom" (I'd never previously even been to Burgerdom), the lovely Robin jumped right into a "Heckburger" (above), which she enjoyed.
I had the Orange & Beet Salad (spinach, balsamic candied walnuts, goat cheese, and apricot vinaigrette), with grilled chicken. Different and delicious.

Though the best part of the meal was the company, as it should be, our visit to Heck's was a heckuva good time (see what I did th--oh, you did? Okay, good).

Heck's is located at 2927 Bridge Ave. in Cleveland; a second location is found at 35514 Detroit Rd. in Avon, Ohio (west of Cleveland).

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