Warren County Fair, Lebanon, OH

It has taken me a couple weeks to post this brief summary of my first-ever visit to the Warren County Fair in Lebanon, Ohio, as I've been keeping even busier than my usual frenetic pace.
I attended at the behest of the lovely Robin, who (with some of her coworkers) spent a couple evenings that week "manning" the booth for her counseling agency, Access Counseling Services of Middletown. That's her on the left, of course, and her coworker Joanne.
I was surprised at how small the fair was. Though (as I said) I had not previously been to the Warren County Fair, I expected something on the order of the Butler County Fair (next door, where we live), to which I had taken a couple grandkids a couple years ago. But it was much smaller, in every way, I thought. 
Nonetheless, we had fun. I especially enjoyed seeing the prize-winning display (above) of an intact  ticket for Game 2 of the 1940 World Series, in which the Cincinnati Reds (everybody say, "Yea!") defeated the Detroit Tigers in seven games. 

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