Cincinnati Vineyard Christmas Concert

Among the many highlights of this Christmas season was the wonderful Christmas Eve Concert the lovely Robin and I enjoyed with some of our family at Cincinnati's Vineyard Community Church in Springdale. We've loved this church for many years; its vision, values, and personality have been an enduring blessing to us. And the Christmas Eve Concert, featuring music by the Cincy Brass, the Faux Frenchmen, Daniel Martin Moore, the CCM Jazz Trio, and Seabird, was a beautiful part of our celebration. That's our granddaughter, Calleigh, above, during the candlelight ceremony.

And the lovely Robin and I were thrilled, after the concert, to be given dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts to take to some of the staff at Cincinnati Children's Hospital (where Calleigh and her brother Ryder are regular recipients of care) as a way of showing God's love and thanking them for working on Christmas Eve. What a blessing that was!

Thank you, Cincinnati Vineyard, for the music, the donuts, and the continued effort to be a blessing to your community!

(P.S. Contrary to rumor, I did not eat any of the Krispy Kremes. Not one. I refrained. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.)

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