Travel Regrets: Missing the Durango-Silverton Railroad

Back in 2008, the lovely Robin and I had a wonderful vacation in and around the Durango, Colorado, area.

Though our arrival in Durango was delayed two days by a closed mountain pass due to heavy snow, once we arrived we stayed in a beautiful cabin with breathtaking views. We enjoyed the unique town of Durango, drove to Four Points (the only place where it is possible to stand in four U.S. states at once), and spent a lot of time relaxing and reading (but I repeat myself).

But the trip was not without its regrets. Foremost among them was our inability (despite calling every day) to take the famed Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to the old mining town of Silverton and back.

The rail line between Durango and Silverton was constructed to haul silver & gold ore from the San Juan Mountains, but it quickly became a popular journey for passengers due to the breathtaking vistas. The route has been in continuous operation for 131 years, "carrying passengers behind vintage steam locomotives and rolling stock indigenous to the line," according to

The heavy snowfall before our arrival in Durango made for beautiful surroundings...but it also caused us to miss a chance to take the part of our visit I coveted most.

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