After resting for most of the day, the lovely Robin and I walked to the most important site in all of Dillenburg, Germany.

The Wilhelmsturm, or William's Tower, is built on the site of the castle where William of Orange, the liberator of the Netherlands, was born.

The tower was a gift from the Dutch people and is visited every year by many Dutch, perhaps as Mount Vernon is visited by Americans. And sure enough, a couple we met in the tower museum were from the Netherlands.

Most of the displays and captions are in German and Dutch only, but a few videos are available in English.

Still, it was a marvelous place to visit, rich in history--and with a commanding view (even on a rainy day) of Dillenburg.

As part of the admission price we were also permitted to visit Villa Grun, the Economic History Museum for the area (below).

Even the walk to and from Wilhelmsturm was picturesque and enjoyable...even in the chilly rain.

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