Cafe Gautor, Mainz

When we travel, the lovely Robin and I love to experience local cuisine in unique settings. So Sunday evening in Mainz, I asked the hotel desk clerk for a recommendation of a nearby restaurant serving German cuisine. She sent us to Cafe Gautor, a few blocks from the Schillerplatz, roughly ten minutes walk from the hotel.

The decor was inviting and we were greeted immediately with menus in English. How do people know?

We were disappointed, however, by the menu choices. I wanted spaetzle and Robin had her heart set on cabbage, but not one menu item offered either of those choices (and we thought we were in Germany!).So I had the medallions of turkey and noddles (above).

Robin ordered the rump roast (Argentinian style, whatever that means) with fried potatoes.

Neither dish was spectacular, but neither was objectionable, either. spaetzle? No cabbage? Mein Gott!

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