Butler County Fair

The lovely Robin and I took two of our grandchildren--Miles and Mia, the two oldest--to the Butler County Fair today. The fair started Sunday (July 22) and runs through Saturday, July 28.

One of our first stops was the crafts barn, where we saw many wonderful and amazing things, including a cake decorating display that included a cake decorated to look like a hamburger:

Miles was quick to point out, in the same building, a Lego Spongebob Squarepants:

We stopped into the hog barn where several young men were practicing their show skills:

Our next stop was the small animals barn, where we saw chickens and rabbits, turkeys, ducks, and geese...and we even got to PET a chicken!

We observed a few minutes of the cake judging, which offered high drama and extreme temptation:

And then made it into the "fun barn" (though they were ALL "fun barns," surely) where Miles and Mia sat still long enough to get tattooed. Mia chose a butterfly tattoo, and Miles selected a lizard:

We also got to pick apples and dig for potatoes and pull carrots and even milk a cow!

After a break for lunch, we went back to the fun barn for a delightful 45-minute "Magic Mike" show, before buying a few ride tickets and heading into outer space:

After a couple rides, it was (of course) time for tricolored snow cones (or, as they say in northern Kentucky, "snow combs"):

We had so much fun. And, though we carried in our own lunches and did as much free stuff as possible, we still managed to drop more than fifty dollars in a few hours ($14 admission for two adults, $15 for ride tickets, $4 for snow cones, and $21 for the inflatable-toys-on-a-stick Mimi had to buy the kids). But hey, it's the county fair, right? It only comes 'round once a year.

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