Traveling Apps

Here is an excellent post from one traveler who used an iPhone for every need of a Boston-to-Orlando trip.

I must say, I've had similar experiences and used my iPhone in many of the same ways. But the blog post above fails to mention some of the most useful apps to me when I travel. They are:

TripAssist keeps all my flights, rentals, hotels, etc., indexed in one easy itinerary.

Take Me to My Car. I use this app to mark where I parked my car before a flight. Then, on my return, finding it is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

My TSA gives me approximate wait times at security checkpoints at the airport.

GateGuru, which I use to find out what restaurants and other businesses are in the area of my arrival or departure gate. Saves me from wandering around and sometimes choosing a less-than-optimal outlet, only to say later, "Doh! I wish I'da known there was one of THOSE in the terminal!"

Waze is a free mobile navigation app for iphone that provides live maps, real-time traffic updates, and turn-by- turn visual and audio navigation.

Of course, I have also used the iPhone-native Weather and Map apps while traveling. As well as Notes and the camera and NightTime, which turns my phone into a night clock. The alarm, of course, as well as setting various reminders on the phone. iBooks and Kindle, as well as listening to music and audiobooks while traveling. Oh, and I have even--from time to time--used my iPhone as a phone. You know, to talk. Edgy, I know.

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  1. Finding the perfect apps is important and I agree with your analysis of the article linked to your blog. There are certain apps that work perfectly in my work related business travels for Dish, like tripassist and gateguru making the whole experience easier. I especially look forward to my relaxation app dish remote access, which allows me to access all my programming and DVR content wherever I am, providing a stress free environment. These are only a few of the many apps available for frequent travelers, spending most of their time in the air.