Olive's Restaurant

Word to the wise, based on my visit with the lovely Robin to Olive's Restaurant in Clifton: when the server tells you they're known for their pizzas, order a pizza.

Olive's is a nice place, with a hopping bar upstairs:

And a restaurant downstairs.

I had a steak and cheese "deep dish," sort of an open-faced calzone. It was okay.

Robin had spaghetti and meatballs, which just didn't hit the spot for her (though she loved the salad). When she asked for more sauce, she was given cold sauce. "Cold," she said. "Can you believe it?" in a tone that would make Dame Judy Dench proud.

However, the server very kindly removed the entree from the bill, which we greatly appreciated. So maybe in the future, we might try Olive's again--for the pizza!

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Location:Ludlow Ave,Cincinnati,United States

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