14 Reasons I Love Taking My Grandkids on Vacations

1. They find interest and excitement in EVERYthing!

2. They don't hesitate to tell you what they like and what they don't like.

3. They make walks way more fun.

4. They are still learning about stuff I usually manage to overlook.

5. They even make timeouts look adorable.

6. I get to introduce them to things....like S'mores.

7. They make me laugh.

8. They make for amazing pictures.

9. They remind me how much fun it can be to throw stuff, climb stuff, jump over stuff, and stuff stuff.

10. They share with me (sometimes).

11. They get me (and others) to do things we wouldn't otherwise do.

12. They know how to suck the marrow out of each moment of every day.

13. They make even rainy days charming.

14. I love to see my kids loving their kids, and their kids loving them.

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