A Great Grandkids Day

No, I'm not a great-grandpa...yet. But today was a GREAT day with three GREAT grandkids. It started this morning when Miles, Mia, and Calleigh--one by one--joined me in my prayer chair. They were soon followed by Aubrey and the lovely Robin.

After lunch, I got to take birthday-boy Miles (who turned four yesterday) to a matinee showing of Kung Fu Panda 2. He took off his 3D glasses about 15 minutes into the movie, but didn't seem to enjoy it any less for all that.

Miles and I returned to the house, got into swimsuits, and with Calleigh and Mia joining us, got into the pool...where we stayed the rest of the day. Well, Miles and I did. Mia and Calleigh came and went in the water. But Miles (like his dad at that age) was a fish.

It was a wonderful day with the best grandkids in the world. And the best wife. And the best daughter.

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