Writers Conference Finale

Today was the final day of The Salvation Army Eastern Territory's Writers Conference in Nyack, New York.

The day began (like yesterday) with Lt. Col. William MacLean's thoughtful and sensitive devotions, and then featured the last of the week's workshops. Then we all gathered for the closing session, which included a tribute to Col. Henry Gariepy by three former National Publications staff members: me, Warren Maye, and Dorothy Post (above; Warren is the only one of us who is still gainfully employed).

The finale also included a fascinating presentation (above) by Kenya's War Cry editor Marion Ndenta on the life and culture of Kenya. I wish I could have gotten a photo of her in front of the podium, as she wore her traditional garments, but she moved too fast.

I'm so blessed to have been a part of this conference, and to reunite with sooooo many dear friends.

The lovely Robin and I will stay in the area a couple more days. We visit with our close friend Joy Slye tomorrow, and then I preach at the Spring Valley Corps Sunday. Then, we will start the long drive home.

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